Saturday, 5 September 2009

I should order the puppets

I've been emphasising the anti-religion side of how to be god in an attempt to give it an identity, but in writing it I'm watching it become something else. The student that wants to become god by setting up his own religion is at the centre of what I hope will be a very real representation of university life. Exaggerated in places for comedy but overall easily relatable. There'll be Christian characters that represent the positive side of faith and others that show the blind, fanatical side. Even though one side might win the end, it'll be a fair fight. But it's not exclusively about religion, it won't be a show set in chapels and churches. I want to stick a camera into university housing and come out with something real, even though I've written it. I'll be attempting the documentary-style that I've always wanted to try, resisting my urge shove other-worldly beings in there.

It'll be a challenge. I found that gathering the right people for a short film was hard enough, let alone an entire web series. I'll have to find a committed bunch, maybe offering them alcohol/Haribo-based incentives. If all else fails - puppets.


  1. so puppet it is ...
    doesnt matter how strong or positive is the faith of someone , it is realy boring to have to talk about it with "intelectuals " and documentarie makers , always so predictble ! the same questions and aproach , the same pre-formed opinions with few weak changes .
    one more documentary about faith ?

    as a christian one , i think that if someone has real faith , why would want to talk with a documentary maker or any person about this ? talk with God !!

    and who will have interest to see it ?
    chistians don't need to see this .
    people that have no faith will not want to waist their time watching this too .

    so .. pupet it is .. at least you will be able to manipulate then very well . and make jokes about christians and alcohol too , maybe some one will feel like to see it .

    when will intolerant christians learn to ignore the society , and when the world will learn to leave real christians alone ?

    make a documentary about do not have a original idea for a documentary . THIS would be very interesting .

  2. Oh, hello. I'm glad you feel strongly about this, and even though you won't be watching at least you'll have heard of it.

    It's not a documentary and won't be attempting to make any serious comments. It's about the conflicts of religion in a small Welsh university town. You've probably summed it up already, it's not original and it's not clever. It might be funny though. And comedy is always nice.

    Maybe I will make a documentary one day. Until then I'll stick to scripted sarcasm.