Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The best films I've never seen

Even though film criticism is subjective, I'm not about watch a film that received entirely poor reviews. Sometimes a pile of critics could have the opposite opinion to me, but I'm not going to risk two hours on something I'm probably not going to like. The 'reviews' on this blog range from positive to indifferent; I very rarely come across something I dislike, because I'll only watch it if I've heard good things about it. Usually. I've seen some 'bad' films by accident - maybe because I'd never heard of them, or I just disagree with everyone else. Sometimes you have to watch a bad film to know what a good one looks like, and they're always easier to write about. But without critics, and ratings, and the realms of everything on the internet, I probably wouldn't know what films I wanted to watch. There are things I will watch soon. I want to see more Studio Ghibli. I want to see if there's a film that actually scares me. I want to one day understand what '3D films' are meant to be. There's good television I've never seen too: Mad Men, Deadwood, Dollhouse. These things take up days, so I have to choose carefully.

That was all a long introduction to asking you what films I should watch. People are better than critics after all. If you recommend a film I'll put it on a list somewhere, watch it, then pour my thoughts out onto these beige pages (according to Wikipedia, beige is quite close to the 'average colour of the universe'). You can also recommend bad films if you like. That way I don't have to be so nice all the time.


  1. Well, considering you started off with wanting to see some anime films, I'll give you a list of some greats:

    Jin-Roh:The Wolf Brigade
    Princess Mononoke
    Spirited Away
    Howl's moving castle
    Grave of the Fieflies
    (This is a mini-series) Blue Submarine No.6

    The Wire(Have to say it, it's amazing)
    Tell me you love me
    John From Cincinatti
    Full Metal Alchemist(Not FMA: Brotherhood)
    Outlaw Star
    Neon Genesis: Evangelion
    Heroes(First season only)

  2. I like "The Cat Returns" also from Studio Ghibli".

    My favorite film in recent years has been "Snow Cake".

    From years past, "The Lost Boys" horror-comedy.

    I liked the series "Six feet Under" very much, hold it in the same esteem as Deadwood. Will add more as I think of them.

  3. "Primer", an American film made for $7000. Time travel and the meaning of life. You'll love it!