Thursday, 13 January 2011

Especially in the snow. They have to put their noses in it.

Writing continues on 'Big Moon Forest'. Here the same two boys are walking back home after seeing something scary in the forest. Tom hasn't spoken in a while so Rhys wants to change the subject. To cows. I've got to admit I didn't do any research on the habits of a cold cow. This sounds about right though.

One of the things that fascinates me about screenwriting is the idea that something I imagine in my head, when I'm just sitting in front of a computer, could be put onto screen. That's complete creativity that you don't get from directing, when you have to work from the words that already exist. In writing, anything can happen. Anything you want. That's worth getting a little bit excited about. Everything that's ever been written is somebody making it up off the top of their head. And sometimes getting paid for it.

In this case, cows. Not the most exciting part of the screenplay. There aren't even any real cows in it. It'll be good, though. I promise.