Monday, 21 March 2011

The Town: How to rob a bank and get away with it

In The Town Ben Affleck and friends might seem like professionals at the bank-robbing business, but they make a few simple mistakes. Even though they were wearing scary masks at the time, they can still be recognised afterwards. Which is why you shouldn't get to know one of your hostages. Romantic conversations in flower gardens are especially foolish. The car chases and shoot-outs that follow may be very exciting, but they're a sign that something has gone badly wrong. Maybe some of your team are a bit unstable. Maybe you shouldn't give them semi-automatic weaponry. And if someone offers you 'one last job', you should not be talked into it. Although, it does make the film more entertaining. The last act is pretty excellent. Robbing a stadium looks easy in cunning disguises and cool shades. You can get away with anything if you're wearing the right clothes and say things confidently enough.
Like Gone Baby Gone, Ben Affleck shows that he can direct solid, compelling stories. The Town lives up to its promise, and will entertain you for two hours straight. After all, it's always more fun to root for the criminals. As long they're not the really bad sort. A few heists and a bit of violence towards other criminals is nice enough. That's not hurting anybody. And the FBI do what the FBI always do - try to spoil everyone's fun. In film's at least. The real FBI do fine work, and I wouldn't want to suggest anything different to the internet robots that are now browsing this page.


  1. Great review, I loved your last sentence!

    I thought this film was good, nothing as amazing as Gone Baby Gone but better than most films of the same genre that came out in recent years.

  2. Defintley a superb thriller, though it does have its many hits and few misses, but overall it packs a wallop and makes for really entertaining and quality cinema. Good Review!

  3. Jack - Yeah, this was more fun than Gone Baby Gone, but maybe less memorable.

    dtmmr - I saw it on plenty of top ten lists from last year.

    Drake - Definitely worth a watch.

  4. I liked this and Afflek is showing himself to a director to take notice. His first two attemps are very good and he surely will only get better. Gone Baby gone was excellent. Really gritty and uncompromising, and I like the fact that Afflek made such a film that didn't go down the syrupy route. iut mirrored life well and is the better for it.

  5. He does a good job. Nothing flashy, makes it look easy.