Thursday, 25 August 2011

Stuff and stuff

There's Stuff and there's stuff. The things you've accumulated throughout your life deserve a capital letter. Boring and plain objects that you don't care about is just stuff. Because if you think about it, every object in your collection of Stuff has memories attached to it. Usually not very exciting memories, but you might remember unwrapping a film, or reading a book for the first time, or listening to music in a certain place. Some things might have come in on your birthday or Christmas, and the rest you bought or found. All of it together is arranged in order somewhere, in rows and piles and boxes.

So, I decided to count all my Stuff:

94 books
28 films/tv seasons
88 CDs
128 games

The most noticeable thing there is how many films I don't have. I usually rent them, and I only really feel compelled to own a few of them. And still, that list isn't right. A lot of Stuff has been given away, or sold, or lost. Stuff that isn't relevant anymore. I seem to keep books, even though they take up a lot of space. And games. You can't get rid of games.The other noticeable thing is that I have many objects. 338 things.

Does your collection of Stuff fill rooms? Or do you burn everything every few years?


  1. OMG. I'm in four figures for the books. Fill every room.
    Games as in Monopoly or computer ones? Very impressed if it's the former.

  2. I'll have rooms to fill one day. More than one at a time.

    The games are electronic. If Nintendo made Monopoly I'd have that too.

  3. My room is mostly being taken over by books and CDs. Everything else I usually go through once a year and throw it out if it's not being used regularly.

    By the way, I thought there was a video game version of Monopoly?

  4. Same with the books as I'm into the 1000's!!! Probably 400 vinyl LP's, about same CD's and 1 DVD!! Thank god a stamp collection isn't too bulky but it is spilling out of it's assigned draw.
    I rent or borrow films as I very rarely watch films over and over. God their are soooooooo many films I haven't watched I don't have the time to watch repeat viewings!

  5. A lot of DVDs and a pile of books that's growing. The DVD pile is growing too. And a lot of magazines.

  6. Sydneylk - Hmm, I think actually when it comes to Monopoly I'd rather play the cardboard version.

    Brent - It's interesting that we don't own films because we don't rewatch them, but how many books get reread? Maybe there should be a book rental service. What, a li-brary? Never heard of it.

    Limette - I forgot magazines, I must have hundreds of those. Mainly of the same one.

  7. definitely clears the mind when you get rid of lots of stuff where you live. Its so true the quote from Fight Club : "the things you own end up owning you"
    I heard in a doc that people who have nothing in poor countries sometimes are happier due to having less to worry about, they have nothing to lose...the best things in life are free as they say.