Thursday, 22 September 2011

Bloggity blog blog

If you're reading this (which, er, you definitely are) you probably have your own blog. So you might look at it and think 'why do I have this thing?'. To provide some sort of service? To promote yourself? Maybe you just want to do some good old-fashioned film reviews. Whatever you choose you'll have to do it a lot. Then after some time has passed you might want to try something else. Start again with a new idea. Or just keep going.

When I started this blog I wanted to write about some short films I was making. When I wasn't making short films I reviewed long films. After two years of doing that I came to realise that I'd reviewed all the films. And most television too. I don't make short films anymore. And I don't review many films. But I still have this blog. That's a good thing, because when there's something I want to write about, where else would I go? It's nice to have your own corner of the internet that you can fill with things you like and thoughts that need to be stored. I've been doing this for a while now, and I've come to realise that there's no point in posting for the sake of it, or trying to promote yourself across the internet. Blogs aren't making anybody famous. Every now and then I write something and some people read it. And I get to read their stuff too.

So yeah, if you've got a weblog, why do you do it? Do you still enjoy it as much as when you started? Will you still be doing it in a few years?


  1. I guess I do it because I enjoy having an outlet. My blog ( isn't the most popular, and doesn't get that many comments day to day. But I enjoy posting my thoughts regardless of how many hits I get per day/week/month.

    With that said, I do generally every so often go through a phase of wondering why I bother, but eventually I come out on the other end writing more.

    If you're looking for a new outlet I'd love to have you on my site. I'm a big fan of your writing (I should comment more)

  2. Good question!! I started mine just to get back into the writing grove and improve my skill in the process. Like you my blog took on a life of its own as I started out only wanting to review classic/independant film and yet have reviewed everthing I've seen.
    But in all honesty there is no real rationale behind bloging. I get very little traffic, it does involve a lot of time, there is no financial reward, so what is the reason??

  3. Good question. There was certainly a promotion element in it for me, but once I had started reading some genuinely interesting people I just liked it. Helps me make connections too. And doesn't seem as onerous as Facebook (I do not Facebook).

    I want to see a short film now.

  4. Andrew - Thanks. There's a satisfaction with storing your thoughts on the internet. Like making a diary without realising it.

    Brent - Yeah. I think the reason is that, when you put up a nice shiny new post, and people comment on it, it makes the whole process worth it.

    Titus - Here's an old one.