Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Not making sense

Does it bother you if a film or book doesn't make perfect sense? If it's not tied up in a bow. If it's open ended. Or if you just didn't get it at all. There's only two reactions to a typical David Lynch film - the first one is 'um' and the second one is 'ooo'. But even the people who like it don't entirely understand, so it becomes a sort of 'umooo' sound. Enjoying it isn't really connected to understanding it. Not everything needs to be about concrete reality or concrete answers. If you only read or watch things where it's all laid out for you, then you'll never have to use your imagination. Should a writer make something that a few people will love or that everyone will think is okay?

I don't know.


  1. Unfortunately majority rules. I think the masses want and expect something concrete rather than open ended. But fortunately within cinema if you want to be challenged there is a lively independent film industry that caters to those few who will like a film of the type rather than everyone.
    Books are less easy to gauge. I mean unlike a film a book takes more time for an individual reader to decide whether it is for them or not. Honestly how many books have you struggled to read before giving up on them?? It is horses for courses and thankfully publishers like the film industry cater for all. Thank god because I couldn't survive in the world of 'maistream' film or literature for the masses alone.
    So my answer is that we need both. If anything one can't survive without he other. We need the counter balance the two provide.

  2. Definitely OK by me. I do get fed up explaining possibilities to my husband though.