Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The show is, on the whole, offensive to vicars

Progress is being made with the casting of several new characters for how to be god. Or, as I like to call them, 'the ones that are going to get me in trouble'. Is satire wrong if it's really, really easy? No, I don't think so. The show is actually entirely inoffensive. There's no swearing, violence, sex. Nothing that's going to trouble anybody's grandmother. Unless the grandmother is exceptionally religious. After all, the entire concept of show is blasphemous. The idea that anybody can start a religion and be worshipped as a god seems fair enough to me ('if that lot did it why can't we?'), but I'm expecting a few enthusiastic religious-themed comments.

The thing is though, I'm not interested in starting any religious debates or challenging any institutions. I just want to make a mildly interesting little show. If people watch an episode and then they want to watch the next one, I'm happy. There were so many pokes at Jesus in the first episode (that's now been cut) it was verging on being a bit Roman. I've realised in writing further episodes that I don't really care about that. I like these characters, and when they all die in a horrible deep-sea diving accident, I'll be a bit upset. Was Jesus really the son of God? I don't care. It is funny though.

I'm saying all this, and very few people have actually seen it yet. It could be rubbish. Remember that.

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