Friday, 4 December 2009

The Trilogy of Hoshuu Nonsense

It's now exactly (roughly) a year since I started making my little films. And to mark this occasion I've broken the films free from their mini Blogger-video prisons and presented them in full YouTube-o-vision. Think of it as the re-release, the digitally remastered version, or something. Now you can see all that orange paper again, but bigger. It's time I explained The Trilogy of Hoshuu Nonsense. The films do link together, in my mind, so I'll have a stab at an explanation.

The Mildly Interesting Secret of Existence features a student that finds the meaning of life in the post, isn't interested, and then is taunted by Hoshuu until he pays attention. Hoshuu isn't really in it until the third film, but this was all her doing. Hoshuu 'is maintenance', she makes sure everyone is still ticking and pats them on the head. She is, however, quite sinister. She's just playing a mean game in this film - poking the student with a stick until he goes mad. She covers his room in orange paper and makes tinkly music follow him around. After the world is mirrored (3:59) she can be seen walking towards the student, who is suddenly mildly interested. Even though she doesn't say anything, her tone comes through in the orange messages.

The Front Desk features another one of these malicious mini-gods. The Secretary interviews people before they're born, giving them jobs and friends. The interview doesn't go well for this man. He's not keen on the options he's given, so he chooses the Fourth Option, the random assignment. Hoshuu explains on the voice-over that 'you'd have to be mad to take the Fourth Option', you don't know what you're getting.

Talk to Hoshuu is set around twenty five years into the man's life. He's having a bit of trouble. Clocks aren't ticking for him anymore and, because of this, he's going to jump off the end of a pier. He should have died in a plane crash, so he's technically dead in Hoshuu's books. She has to clean it up, so she buzzes him into her channel through the radio static (similar to the window being reversed). She wants to start him up again by winding his watch back up, but he's a bit reluctant about the whole thing. It turns out that this is the Fourth Option. It also turns out that Hoshuu isn't all that mean on a good day. After seeing her in the first film, and hearing her in the second, she's revealed as being just 'very English'.

If you've got a few minutes, watch them again (or probably for the first time) with all this in your head. It might be better. And all this nonsense is going to be expanded on in something else I'm writing. It's not a film. It's something you read instead. It'll all make sense one day.

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