Sunday, 17 January 2010

Being punched in both arms

Filming has begun for how to be god episode 4. So far it has mainly involved being punched in the arms repeatedly by very sharp fists. I like things to be just right, so violence has to repeated again. And again. And then from a different angle. I became aware that this was happening because I had written it. It's my fault. From now on I'll try to cut down on the physical injury element of the shooting. For me, at least.

And the shooting 'schedule' is being interfered with by things like 'exams' and 'university'. I don't understand these things, I just have to work around them. For the first time we may have to start filming the next episode before we've finished the last one. My mind can not cope with this and will probably melt in some sort of organisational implosion.

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  1. "Ladies and Gentlemen, I've suffered for my Art"

    - Neil Innes