Monday, 4 January 2010

Drag Me to Hell, with smiley goats

Drag Me to Hell is squelchy good fun. It doesn't try to keep you scared for two hours, it just makes you laugh at the actors that are having maggots poured over their heads. It's full of jumpy moments, but the horror turns into comedy pretty quickly. And when there is gore it's so overblown that its funny - eyaballs popping out of heads, that sort of thing. Sam Raimi does this physical. unsubtle horror really well. It's unashamedly ridiculous and, compared to others in the genre that are just nasty, it's a pretty friendly film. It seems to be an exercise in the different ways to make you jump. There's the sudden the scares, the slow pans, the loud rumbling then sudden silence, crash zooms. All good stuff. They are pretty frequent though, and by the end of the effect had worn off. There's only so many times a Scary Old Woman with funny teeth is going to be scary, even if she does stick her arm down your throat.

Perhaps the funniest character in the film is the sacrificial goat that smiles all the way through a seance. He seems to be enjoying himself. He recognises how silly and entertaining the whole thing is, and he's just pleased to be there. Nice goat.

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  1. I guess he's returning to his roots...I think I will stick with the classic Bruce Campbell films.