Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Alright, it's a jammy dodger

Daleks are boring. I'm sorry. They are. I know they're iconic. I know they're the Doctor's arch nemesis. But I've lost all interest in them. They're predictable. They always come back. Maybe if they only appeared once every few years it would be a big deal, but it's always the resurrection of the Daleks, it's always their big evil comeback. The Doctor kills them all, one ship survives and they plot their new masterplan. This has happened about three or four times now. They can't be that threatening if they're always there. And they look rubbish too. Metal tubs with a plunger and whisk. It's as if the writers feel like they have to shove the Daleks in somewhere to fulfil some obligation to the fans, but they don't have to be in every season. I'm the sort of heathen who doesn't care about Doctor Who's heritage, I'd rather they focus on new ideas

Maybe I dislike them because they're always the mark of some lengthy 'the-universe-is-ending' action epic. Thankfully this time we haven't been lumbered with a two-parter. They've just turned up in World War 2 with a plan to make new, slightly cooler looking, colourful Daleks. The episode itself is alright. It's mainly seen-it-all-before stuff, although there is a nice bit with Spitifires in space and a showdown with a jammy dodger. Like I said, it's fine. Fine. Although next week is a Steven Moffat two-parter with Weeping Angels. Yes.

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  1. More Weeping Angels? Life is good. As you know, I agree with you about the tedium of the apocalyptic episodes, so predictable.