Saturday, 24 April 2010

Five things about Lost

Lost is wrapping up now, so its probably time to make lists or something. Like a list of favourite characters:

Five favourite characters:
  1. Desmond. Why won't they just let him be happy? He's always being dragged around and locked up. Can't they see he just wants to be with Penny and call everyone 'brother'? Just let him get on with that. Although, when you get a Desmond episode you know you're in for a treat. It's usually a bit surreal and might involve him being reunited with Penny again. Which is nice. Happy endings are nice sometimes. And Desmond will have a happy ending? Right? Right?
  2. Sawyer. At first he was just the gruff one that liked to take his shirt off. But somewhere around the fifth season he became interesting. Stuck in the past (literally) he made a life for himself that he never had in the 'real' world. It doesn't last, because nothing ever does on this show, but somewhere in there he had about three years of smiling. Before, you know, he tragically lost the 'love of his life'.
  3. Daniel. Daniel Faraday is a loser. Even though he's a genius and a bit of an authority figure, he's still there to be pitied. He wanted to play the piano. His mother made him be a scientist. His whole life became about his parent's obsession. He's even had a few tragic love interests. And he has the sort of voice that might be good on a DVD commentary.
  4. Sayid. Sayid is the get-things-done guy. When everyone else is dithering and arguing, Sayid just walks off and solves the problem with violence and explosives. Sometimes that's what you need. Also, he loves a woman but but he can't be with her. It's, you know, tragic.
  5. Ben. Ben is annoying, but he epitomises the show. He's confusing and compelling. Is he good or bad? It doesn't seem to matter anymore. The other characters seem to have lost interest in that question anyway. 'He's evil, lock him up.' 'No, we trust him now.' 'He's evil, kill him.' 'No, we trust him now.' 'He's clearly ev - oh, just let him do what he wants.' He's also probably had some tragic relationship with a woman, but I can't remember.
Why are all these characters men? Because all the woman just get killed. Seriously, there aren't many left. It's all the tragedy that does it.

Least favourite Lost character:
  1. Jack. Whinge. Moan. Complain. Cry.


  1. Lost is really taking quite the interesting turn. I have high hopes for the finale! The flash-sideways had better be explained, though. Agreed with Desmond...poor bloke just wants to be happy and left alone. But the "Island" isn't done with him yet. Just what is "the Island?" Who makes the choices for it? What does all the electomagnetic energy mean? Is that what is drawing all the people to it? Or is it reallu just Jacob messing with people to have an eternal debate with the man in black....Hm.
    Sawyer is pretty kickass. Seeing him be real with Juliet really redeemed his character. He's a bit confused and angry now, but I can't really blame him.
    Poor Daniel. He at least got to be a musician in his alternate life. The one he knows isn't "real." But he is to be smart but no real identity of his own. A pawn, so to speak.
    Sayid is so complex. I was a bit sad when evil claimed his soul, but it seems to suit him. He couldn't ever escape it. He always wanted so desperately to be seen as a good guy, but put a gun around him or the opportunity to snap someones neck and he can't seem to help himself. Sort of like mice and cheese...
    Ben is an awesome character. I used to hate him, but now he sort of provides comic relief. He's so done caring about what the hell the Island wants..he's just going with the flow now. I can almost see him looking around and saying, "F it. Seriously. Don't care."

    I would add Richard to that list. I mean, seriously, want to talk tragic?! His whole life has beeen about being used by others. That was the best episode of the season, in my mind, was seeing Richards life.

    All the women are a little...disposable. I used to like Kate, back when it was all steamy with her and Sawyer, but now she's really serving no purpose other than being the token boobage. Juliet was awesome, but died. Sun I've stopped really caring about. Ilyana, thank god, got blown up. Libby..shot. The only really females left are Penny and the lady who looks like Tina Fey.
    Poor Jack. He was like a super man, kicking ass, taking names, sewing up he's a cry-baby. I wouldn't be surprised if he's the new Jacob. I think it should be Hurley..but it will probably be him. That whole thing with him and Sun, when she took his hand but not "Locke"...sort of a good vs evil thing there.

    Oh, yeah. I'm a Lostie if you couldn't tell. Oopsie..

  2. Uh-oh, Chris, I take back the enthusiasm about a multi-cultural Lost conversation. That, my fried, is an advertisement for an adult website. I used Google translation.... tsk tsk.

  3. That's happened too many times now. There's obviously some nasty Blogger spiders around. I don't want to turn on comment approval, but it looks like I'll have to. I blame the evils of the internet for this.