Saturday, 8 May 2010

A fairytale. Aren't we all?

It's all good news. The second half of Steven Moffat's Weeping Angel extravaganza turned out to be one of Doctor Who's best episodes. Surrounded by the evil statues, the Doctor and and his various associates send themselves up to a crashed spaceship which, brilliantly, has a creepy forest on it. Weeping Angels don't really belong in a sci-fi setting, they need to be in haunted houses and misty forests. And from the start Amy Pond is having a bit of trouble. She's ominously counting down from ten before turning into an Angel. She winds up having to keep her eyes closed in a forest of the things. Moffat writes these simple, powerful scenarios. There's no need for huge action sequences when you've got ideas like this. Walking through a forest of monsters with your eyes closed? Yes.

Also, there's a crack in time, which can't be helpful. According to the Doctor 'It'll do worse than kill you. It'll make sure you were never born. You will never have lived at all'. It's another one of those season arcs, but it's been put up front and centre this time instead of popping up at the end. In fact, the only problem with the episode is a slightly uncomfortable scene at the end where Amy tries to thank the Doctor a bit too strongly. Apart from that it's all wonderful. Hopefully we'll get a nice run of people other than Moffat writing now, so I can stop having to praise him every week.

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  1. That Doctor looks about 12 years old, could take some getting used to.

    Looking forward to the DVD release, along with the Last Season of Lost and Season 2 of Dollhouse.