Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The Wire doesn't end like everything else

The Wire has ended. A few years ago actually, but only recently for me. It rose from (what I saw) as quite a slow start to something constantly impressive. The fifth season rounds things off nicely, but it doesn't really end. You still get a sense that this city is continuing, with these characters carrying on with what they were doing. Apart from the ones that were killed. Season five is a bit of a bloodbath, as one character after the next is killed off in the distinctive unceremonious way. That's okay though, because there's about thirty others to watch. This is a sprawling show, and it's a testament to its quality that you recognise every one of it's faces. A character that you haven't seen for twelve hours will turn up suddenly and become the most important part of the show. Bunny Colvin, Prez, Poot - they're on screen for a few minutes but it's like they never went anywhere.

As a whole though, this is a season focused on journalists and the stories that they create. It's not as affecting as the school or the lives of the port-workers, but it's an interesting look at the inner workings of a city newspaper. As I watched the last episode, I realised that this isn't a show interested in grand endings. It pushes its characters towards realistic conclusions. Not all the baddies have their comeuppance. Many characters settle into happy, normal lives. It's not that they're making room for another season, this is just how things keep going. Everyone needs to watch this.

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  1. I maintain that The Wire is the best show EVER (take that How I Met Your Mother), I was a tad disappointed with the last episode, but, all of the characters were addressed, and in a better manner than say Seinfeld or Sopranos or Cheers or any other of the greats.