Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Wes Anderson/Star Fox

Seen Fantastic Mr Fox? Yes? Played Star Fox? Yes? Yes? Then you'll like this. Not only is the animation wonderful, but it's one of the best game parodies I've ever seen. The genius (yes, genius) of it is the way it merges the two things. The Anderson-esque ponderings of Fox McCloud mixed with actual lines from Star Fox 64. Never has Slippy Toad been more sympathetic - 'Maybe I'm not the one who needed help, after all.' The villainous Star Wolf becoming a faithful foxy friend - 'I can't let you do that Star Fox'. Sarcastic old Falco Lombardi becoming the most earnest bird you've ever seen - 'Hey, Einstein, I'm on your side'. Normally these things are shrieked in the middle of battle. Surely they could have found some way to include the boss' dying screams - 'cocky little freaks!', or possibly just 'bwaaaaa.' Yes, Fox McCloud has some good friends. Even if he can't 'barrel roll away from who he is', he will always have his furry, feathery, and slimy companions.

And remember, use bombs wisely.


  1. I would watch that movie! Cheers Chris for bringing such a brilliant vid to my attention.

  2. I don't think we've stopped to think about the crippling self-doubt that plagues or gaming heroes. What's behind Mario's cheery grin? Has anyone ever given Link a hug?

    After all, our biggest weaknesses aren't those that flash red.

  3. There is a certain 'Sopranos' pathos to 'somebody set us up the bomb'. This video is the most beautiful thing I have seen today!