Sunday, 22 May 2011

Voldemort has a giant snake

Camping is bleak. There's not much to do. Might as well just sit here. And frown. Has anybody got any ideas? Maybe a Game Boy, does anyone have a Game Boy? No? Okay, nevermind. I'll just sit here and, um, try to think of ways to save the world. Sigh. Yeah, just keep hitting that evil locket with a stick. That'll work. Idiot. You know Voldemort has a giant snake, right? What do we have? Exactly. I'll just put more leaves on the fire then.

I'm pretty sure Harry Potter Seven-and-a-half is the best one. It's about hopelessness and cold fingers. The others are indistinguishable from each other. This one is in the woods. Which appeals to me.


  1. haha Voldemort has a giant snake, I may be childish, but that made me laugh...

    Anyway, I agree, I thought this was the best Harry Potter film.
    The trailer for part 2 was pretty ridiculous though, Voldemort says NYYEAAHAAAA!!!! about 5 times throughout...

  2. I hate this Horcrux crap. It comes out of nowhere and smells like a Western RPG video game.

  3. I gave up on the films after nearly dying of boredom during the first one. And I am a shameless fan of the books.
    Plus Hermione's too attractive. But everyone says that.

  4. Jack - I'm expecting Part 2 to be epic. Not so much moping around in woods. Which is a shame. I liked the moping.

    Drake - Maybe each Horcrux should be elemental and be guarded by a spirit? Or maybe that's J-RPG.

    Titus - I can't really work out if I've seen all of them. I think, I think, I haven't seen the fourth one. But just because I can't remember it doesn't mean I haven't seen it. And the books are classic.

  5. This made me laugh but I must say that everything you raise ticks the boxes as to why I didn't like the film. Great post though. Loved reading it.