Friday, 19 March 2010

An example of ineffable wisdom

Episode seven is on its way, then we're onto the third act, the final three episodes of how to be god. Maybe Wash will wheel out his almost-catchphrase - 'I'll be fine'. Maybe George will start punching people again. Maybe Amy has some nice secrets to share with everybody. But the strange thing about Dylan is, that while he was originally just the idiot that hunted road signs, he is now becoming the source of ineffable wisdom. He doesn't have any 'proper' storylines of his own apart from his interaction with the other characters. I didn't originally plan to pair him with Amy, but that's the way things went. There was definitely a Wash-Dylan, George-Amy thing happening in the early episodes, but this story can't progress on those pairs. The Wash and George relationship is where the real action is - friends that are both falling apart but don't want to admit it. They both try to appear strong in the eyes of the other until they can't manage it anymore.

An example of mild ineffable wisdom (if that's possible):


  1. He has a very mobile face which makes one wonder what he is going to say next.

  2. Wisdom, indeed. Though I hope it's not an indication that things will get worse for any of the characters. I'm a realistic optimist.