Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Wrath of the militant caretakers

how to be god has finally ventured into the outside world. For the last scene of episode six (the others were filmed about thirteen weeks ago) we snuck into an empty seminar room, avoiding the wrath of the militant caretakers and generally being very stealthy. We got the scene done in an hour, then when I got back to the edit I realised I was cutting half of it anyway. That's the way these things go. Then, for the start of episode seven, we actually filmed outside. Where there's air and traffic and marauding children. It could have gone horribly wrong. I don't think it did. There was the problem of the sun getting in everyone's eyes and the cameraman got muddy, but it worked. I'm just not used to it. Every other scene has been shot in the hallway.

Episode six is also the entrance of big bad Martin, who will torment and annoy Wash until the end. I've left his entrance until a way into the show (although he was briefly seen in episode three - I plan these things), but I'm optimistic that he will be suitably evil enough in the last few episodes. After all, episode seven ends the 'second act' of the show, with the final three episodes being the slightly dramatic end bit. Happy ending? Maybe.


  1. Looking forward to seeing what happens next, though not to the end of the adventure...

  2. he wouldn't be a proper god without a devil to annoy and torment him! Outside should be interesting to watch. I suppose everyone will have to make due with the promise of a 'maybe' happy ending. :) Glad to hear there's more episodes coming. I always look forward to a good laugh.