Monday, 1 March 2010

I haven't seen many films

I've only just realised this. I've seen the important stuff. The Godfather. Star Wars. Toy Story. But the vast majority of films have passed me by. Especially new ones. I watch, hear, and listen to reviews of films that I will never watch. Avatar. That could have been good. That's passed me by. Up. I've got no idea. Paranormal Activity. That was terrifying apparently. But I just don't go the cinema, and occasionally I'll buy a film on a DVD. This is either a very sad state of affairs for a filmmaker, or a case of someone who hasn't been influenced by all the rubbish. After all, I only watch the really good stuff. I have a small but very selective film shelf.

Maybe I've just been doing other things. I can't help that. Or maybe I should just rent some DVDs. But like a recent film night showed, those discs can be all scuffed up. A disc that skips and stops doesn't create a very immersive film experience. It's like reading a book and finding some of the pages ripped apart. I might have to give it a chance. How else am I going to see films that I'm never going to buy? My friends only want to watch different sorts of films that have Colin Firth in them. That isn't helping.


  1. Chris-

    that penultimate sentence -

    Jeez, you are a genius. Or maybe your friends are just amusing - same thing in results.

    A friend who I have 90% movie concordance with told me Avatar was cheesy, which I suspected from the previews.

    I suspect you like less noise and bigness in your cinematic fare.

  2. First things first- Movies with Colin Firth are fantastic. :) But then I am a girl, so I may be biased.
    I think there's no shame in not seeing the newest of the new films. Avatar, UP, Paranormal Activity--those are films made to pass the time. I don't feel moved or changed by them, more like I had a free hour or three to spend seeing what is out there.
    No worries about being a film student who hasn't seen the regular stuff. As long as you're watching the really good films, that's the important part. (& yes that is Marlee Matlin from the West Wing)

  3. Just curious, you say you've seen the important stuff but you only list American films. Do you see the really important stuff from around the world too? If that's the case, forget about the new releases, although see UP, it is magical.

  4. I was being a bit sarcastic with the 'important stuff'. Star Wars isn't that important (well it is, but, you know). I haven't seen many films from anywhere, never mind America.

    My only regret with Avatar is that I'll never see it in full 3D-o-vision. I've never seen any 3D film, I don't know what I'm missing.

  5. 3D vision is COOL. You should try it sometime, even if it's something fluffy like "Alice in Wonderland" coming out in 3D starting March 5th. After a few hours it sort of hurts your eyes, and if you wear glasses the glasses on your glasses isn't always awesome, but really. Try it. Neat-o-rific.