Tuesday, 14 June 2011

It's a long way to walk

Walking. Walking. Walking. They're walking. Through Siberia. Through deserts. Up mountains. Down mountains. More cold. More hot. More dying of hunger, then thirst, then hunger again. Not having a good time. It's a long way to India. Poking holes in bark to make a mask for the snow storm. Running and hiding from the sand storm. Drinking mud. Eating snakes. Up mountains. Down mountains. It's a long way to walk when your feet hurt.

They're doing this to escape from a Soviet prison. The Way Back is the sort of film where people walk in the desert until they collapse. Is that a mirage or a refreshing pool of water? Do they go off course to have a look? Either way they're not getting out of this desert for a long time. At times it's a bit like Defiance, other times it's an endurance test. Not much fun, but not bad at all.


  1. This has the feel of a book I read many years ago called The Long Walk. It was about a Polish soldier captured and imprioned by the Soviets after the German/Soviet carve up of Poland in 1939. He escaped from Siberia and made his way to England through India.
    What I'm reading bout this movie smacks of that book, I just can't find anything to corroborate it though.

  2. Wikipedia says 'inspired by The Long Walk, a book by Sławomir Rawicz'. Looks like it's the same thing then. You might like the film.

  3. Ah..I am not with it today I should have checked wikipedia myself!! I read the book in highschool way back in the mid-1980's, so yes I will definitely go and see it when it hits our shores.