Friday, 17 June 2011

Playing chess with Professor X

Move your rook. 'What?' 'I didn't say anything.' 'Okay. I just... thought you said something.' Move your rook. 'You're doing it again.' 'I'm not.' 'I try to have an honest game of chess with you - ' 'I'm not doing anything.' 'Okay, okay, let's just move on.' ...You should definitely move your rook. 'We can play Kerplunk again. Is that what you want?' 'No.' 'Then stop it.' 'Sorry.' ...How about that rook though? 'That's it, I'm taking your knight.' 'Check.' 'I hate you.' 'Would you like to play Battleships instead?' 'No.'

X-Men: First Class is pretty good. As other comic book films dig deep to bring up characters nobody has ever heard of, the X-Men franchise puts them in their place. The first three films were so long ago that they've had the time to get round to an origin story. And it all still makes sense. Fun, entertaining, and predictable. The best so far. But how much can we take? There's a whole list of possible and upcoming X-Men films. Maybe too many.


  1. I’m surprised at the lengths they went to maintain the continuity of the original trilogy when that same trilogy was full of more holes than my favourite socks. And that’s not even counting Wolverine: Origins.

  2. They're aiming at a reboot here. I don't think they should get too carried away. I don't even remember the first three films, but that Wolverine one was okay. Especially since it had Huge Action in it (I wish that was my Hugh Jackman pun, but it's not).

  3. I was surprised at how solid a movie this turned out to be. Wolverine was applling and the first three X-Men left me totally uninspired. Problem now is that with the success of this outing we'll get a bombardment of more and we just know they'll be bad don't we?!

  4. I don't know what to think of this one, I've read so many different opinions that I might just have to watch it myself and make up my own mind...
    I'm not a fan of X Men though.

  5. Brent - I was surprised too. I wasn't expecting much. A few more might not be too bad. Maybe.

    Jack - I can't say I'm a fan of X-Men either. I just these things when they turn up, like any other franchise. You might like this one.