Saturday, 22 August 2009

Rambo versus Burma

The new Rambo film could have been fun or a bit rubbish. As it turns out, it's a bit rubbish (I like to use these scholarly critical terms). The main problem was that anything approaching a plot was overpowered by the action. It's set in Burma but it's not about Burma, the place was just chosen as a backdrop for some bloody carnage. Scenes of people getting shot down in crowds last a long time, and in the middle of them you begin thinking 'what is this about again?' All the killing has no character, nobody to really care about, and so you're just watching endless shooting. To be interesting it needs to make you want someone to survive, to believe it has consequences. And if you do look into the characters there's only naive Christian missionaries, who should never have got themselves into such trouble in the first place.

Why did I watch this film when there was a strong chance of it being like this? I need to find some good ones to watch.

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  1. Snpw Cake is a good film, so is The Lookout..