Saturday, 15 August 2009

Twitter: evil or friendly?

I've dived head first into the murky, murky depths of Twitter to try and promote how to be god. I've never had any experience of it before but I thought it would be a good idea, since that's what all the cool kids are doing. For the most part is seems nice enough. There's plenty of famous people talking about cups of tea and the best way to eat a haddock. I've learnt the peculiar language of Tweets and can now summarise my life in less than 140 characters. But all of this comes with a big dollop of irritation. I didn't know, for example, that Twitter was full of evil spam accounts that follow your for no reason and make the place untidy. I've had at least five 'people' wanting me to look at their 'photos.' I don't think I will. And the real people seem less inclined to trust you. I've had one perfectly reasonable looking person block me right from the start. Blocked? Why? All I did was turn up. It's a cruel and harsh place.

I will persevere with it, if only because it seems like the best way to promote something. Overall though I'm sticking with Facebook and the friendly world of Blogger.

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