Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The worst best advert

What's going on here? This is is a brilliant, inspiring, uplifting advert, and what does it turn out to be selling? ITV. Yes, ITV. The channel that I have never found to be brilliant, inspiring or uplifting, and it's definitely not 'the brighter side' as is suggested here. It's as if the executives found an unrelated short and stuck their logo on the end, failing to see that it's entirely incongruous. I saw it in the cinema and I expected it to be selling something grand and epic, but no. It's the channel that gives us The X Factor, a cruel and torturous show, along with bland soaps and advert breaks during Formula 1. This video, if I ignore the last second, reminds me of 'Glósóli', the sort of thing that belongs on a cinema screen. Whoever made it should be making films. In a sense it's a terrible advert, because it has nothing to do with its product, but it doesn't seem to matter.


  1. Couldn't agree more - it's brilliant apart from the product. I thought it particularly bad as ITV no longer make kids TV.

  2. A lot of very talented people end up in the Ad biz.

  3. hahaha. this is a clear case of the 'director being allowed to making any ad he wants and then put the logo of the company at the end, so he does whatever the hell he wants'

    i can relate.