Thursday, 18 February 2010

The curse has been lifted

The cat that was killed by curiosity and not complacency has lifted its curse. I've put the cursed dialogue into an episode without anything going wrong. Episode five of how to be god is done. It's been filmed. It's been edited. And it's looking nice. No longer the rubbish 'sitcom' episode or the one where people hide in the boiler room. This has story and characters and significance. Everything that the first few drafts were missing. Admittedly I'm the only person who's seen it, but I'm confident it'll survive my co-producer's scrutiny. This episode has been holding us down for too long. There's a story to tell here. I can't afford any more reshoots.

Remember episode four? That was ages ago. We made the next one on a wave of confidence and didn't notice that it wasn't any good. So I rewrote it and then rewrote it again. Now I have it. If all goes to plan the episode will be around these parts soon.

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