Wednesday, 3 February 2010

There's something in the boiler room

Most of how to be god episode five is all filmed up. I tried to write this as 'the sitcom episode'. Unlike the others this is a real-time episode that's filmed entirely inside the house. It's inspired by the best episodes of Frasier, where someone is running around trying to hold everything together. Obviously it's still five minutes long, but it has a single focus. There aren't four plot threads going on at once.

There's not even any drama. Death isn't mentioned and nobody gets punched. But unfortunately for these characters this is also the last episode before everything goes downhill. The last one where they're all happy. Which is a shame. I'm hoping that the comedy won't disappear entirely in the later episodes, but I might struggle to fit in the jokes. If you've watched the first four, you're probably thinking that they aren't happy at all. They are. They just don't ever show it. A lot of the show is based around the characters not saying what they're really thinking until it's (probably) too late.

Episode five is also called the 'what's in the boiler room?' episode.Could be anything really. It's making sounds. It's good to use obscure rooms in the house. Especially if they're warm and you can lock your cast in there.

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  1. Nice framing of the two characters, especially the second shot where the characters seem to be split into different realities.