Monday, 8 February 2010

The problem with episode 5

Episode five is meant to be here by now. It really is. But after watching it, and watching it again, we have decided that it isn't good enough. Yet. Certain things have to be re-shot. Certain things have to be re-written. It turns out the easy 'comedy' episode is one of the hardest to get right. Without any drama we're relying on these jokes to keep the show going, and without the right pace and the right delivery, there's no point in showing it to anybody. Have I dug myself into a narrative hole here? Am I delaying the story by five minutes for no good reason? Only reshoots will tell.

Some things to consider for episode five:
  • Is Dylan actually insane? Rewrites suggest he's not.
  • Why is Wash eating so many custard creams?
  • Why does nobody care about Gareth?
  • Can there be comedy in a boiler room?
  • How many lines can I plagiarise from The West Wing?
It will all come together. And then on to episode six. Which is considerably more beautiful.

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