Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Who's afraid of episode five?

Yesterday I wrote that I was going to re-shoot parts of episode five to get it 'right'. But now, the night before shooting, I have decided to rewrite the entire episode. It is now completely different. No more silly sitcom episode. No more narrative hole. The new episode five keeps the story flowing with a nice dollop of mild drama and jokes about death. The night before shooting the script I sat down and wrote it off the top of my head. This is not advisable. There's a nice creative urgency about it though. Every other episode was written about three months earlier. This one is barely a few hours old. I'm confident that is has everything that the 'wrong' five was missing. It will work this time.

This brings the number of ditched episodes to two. Two whole episodes that weren't good enough. They sit in the corner and cry. To add to their problems, I'm pretty sure they're cursed. They both feature one of my favourite bits of dialogue, something that I've been trying to fit into an episode since we started. It goes like this:
"Complacency killed the cat."
"Wasn't that curiosity?"
"Well the cat's dead. Just think about that."
I don't trust cats. Cats don't like me. This is their revenge. Cursing anything I put this dialogue into. Which includes this post. And the new episode five.

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  1. I'm sure you can bring Schrodinger's cat into it with a little effort. It is a nice bit of dialogue, a contemplation of language - words kill?