Saturday, 17 October 2009

A few small ponderings

how to be god is about to be made. No, really. I'm getting people to say the lines I wrote months ago. It's going to be made in whatever shape I can hammer it into. Those nice cameras that I mentioned before, they're available but they 'don't work properly'. So there's a strong possibility I'll be using my own things. Both have advantages. With a professional camera I'd make something conventional and smooth, but it would be a longer and more complicated process. With my camera I'd play up to it's limitations and make a fake 'documentary' feel, and it would certainly be quicker. I can make some episodes, or a lot of episodes. We'll see which way it goes.

Apart from camera pondering, everything is going smoothly. It'll be fine.


  1. An exciting time -

    {breaks bottle of champagne over prow of camera]

  2. I wouldn't normally let fizzy liquids near my camera, but okay.

  3. I have connected recently with another budding filmmaker here, She likes pondering too:

  4. It's always nice to talk to more ponderers. I'll have a look, thanks.