Monday, 26 October 2009

Reshoots and a gazelle

The second episode of how to be god has been filmed. Half of it. The first half went according to plan. Organised and efficient. But several catastophic things happened in the second half. A new character was introduced that isn't working. Various sounds that are out of my control ruined shots. And there was butter instead of ice cream. I was ready with all the props (including a framed picture of a gazelle) apart from ice cream. I forgot to buy it. Although butter does look quite a lot like ice cream, it's not nice to eat with a spoon and it hangs a hefty amount of symbolism over the shooting. 'This is not ice-creamy goodness. This is butter.' When something's not working, it is butter.

The second half is going to be reshot. I'm going to to do some rewriting. I'm going to buy some ice cream. All good.

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