Monday, 19 October 2009

Sit down and say stuff

Shooting's done for episode 1 of how to be god. I haven't really looked at the footage yet, but I can already tell what the problem will be. It's the first episode. Nobody really knows what they're doing. There'll be tiny mistakes that will be fixed by episode two, and others that won't be fixed until episode eight. It's a learning process and there aren't any practice runs, we just have to go with it and see what happens. Also, nothing can really happen in the first episode apart from introduction. There's no funny little distinctive scenes, you just have to sit the characters down and make them explain things. In a mildly interesting way obviously, but the plot has to start somewhere.

The first three episodes are going to filmed before it's put on the internet. That way people can get far enough into it to be interested. And also, episode four is where it all goes mad. I'll edit it together, and if it's disastrous I'll admit it here. If it's not, then I probably won't say.

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