Thursday, 1 October 2009

I didn't like this

There's a good film to be made about male friendship. Unfortunately,  I Love You, Man isn't it. Boring, predictable, lazy and not funny. It's a bad romantic comedy only without any romance. Or comedy. There might have been one moment where I involuntarily exhaled, but that was as good as it got. Every joke lasts about five minutes, repeated in several accents, and then dredged up twenty minutes later to be not funny again. The writers seemed to be going for crude but only managing to be annoying, with wealthy twenty-somethings from Los Angeles having embarrassing discussions about 'relationships' and things. I couldn't care less if Generic Blonde Woman 1 might be pregnant, I don't want to know if Bland Male Protagonist isn't feeling good about marriage. It has same structure you've seen sixty-seven times before: man wants to meet someone, has a montage, then meets somebody nice, everything goes well, everything's ruined, rush to the wedding at the end. This has all that but without any endearing characters. It's a film desperately trying to be cool ('Hey dude, have you seen my new iPhone?', 'I'll Facebook you later dude') but is made by disconnected Hollywood types who don't know what real people sound like.

It had good reviews though. This might just be one of those times where everyone else thinks differently to me.

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