Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Clever Running Man saves Rome

Angels & Demons takes itself seriously. It's about solving riddles to find the antimatter hidden in Vatican City. It has a skydiving Pope. This isn't a serious film, but they still persist with the ooo-isn't-it-tense music and the frowning. It needs to be made by Disney and have Nicholas Cage in it. It should be National Treasure. In fact, behind all the explaining ('What's that Mr Langdon? It's an ancient symbol? Please explain it while avoiding the bullets.') it is Grumpy National Treasure.

A bit of character depth would have been nice. Apart from being an eager scholar and having an 'eccentric' Mickey Mouse watch, Robert Langdon has no character. He is the Clever Running Man. In the book, like all of Dan Brown's protagonists, he had some childhood trauma about being in lifts or something. That was rubbish but at least it was trying. No personal context, no flaws, no character. I don't care. He is clever though.


  1. Okay, so far, we like all the same films.
    We saw Star Trek and Angels and Demons
    on consecutive Friday afternoons.
    Concluded that Angels and Demons was
    kind of as good as Star Trek,
    only without laughs.
    Different, but good, as they say.
    Welcome to Rule Of Thirds.
    Funny smokestack (?) picture.

  2. Yeah, Angels and Demons definitely didn't have many laughs. Well, not intentional ones. It's a shame, since I remember liking the book.

    The tower is a monument to the Duke of Wellington. I'm still not sure why it's in my next film, but it does look interesting.


  3. Yes, towers are definitely good!