Saturday, 13 June 2009

This isn't art enough

A photo from the set that closely resembles a shot from the film. These photographers know what they're doing.

Anyway, I said yesterday that I don't want the films to be philosophical, but I think that's hard to avoid. I don't approach them with any grand intentions but the end result is always different. The thought 'No, this needs more art' usually goes through my mind in the editing, along with 'This is far too coherent, needs more random images.' I'm trying to suppress the mini David Lynch inside me and create films that are understandable. Talk to Hoshuu has no such nonsense. Well, not much.

I get a bit carried away because of the themes I've chosen to work with. It's all very existential and timey-wimey (as the Doctor would say), but with an obvious fantasy side. Maybe I've taken on too much in my first shorts, it probably would have been easier to start with something purely realistic. In a way though I think these films have more in common with realism than fantasy. I'm just having a flimsy attempt at giving answers to questions people don't seem to ask. Maybe some irritated secretary does give you an interview before you're born. Maybe some maintenance person is checking you aren't making a mess. Although, maybe not. I was worried that these films would be interpreted as some sort of religious allegory. They aren't. These stories are separate. There's nothing behind them but my silly ideas.

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