Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Funny bits

I don't know where the line is between comedy and drama, but I'll have to work it out for my new web series. Is it mostly-funny-with-serious-bits or can the serious bits be funny too? In five minute episodes its going to be difficult to get the balance right. It's a comedy, it is, and I'll have to remember that when I'm writing about...the things that are going to happen.

I suppose I'm still at that short period, at the start of filmmaking, where I can do whatever I want. In years to come there'll be people telling me I have to cut out a scene or change the tone. Right now I have complete freedom to write whatever I want, shoot it, and stick it on the internet. If it looks good to me, it goes in. Obviously there are going to be other people involved as the process goes along, but I still have the massive, luxurious freedom to do anything. Maybe I need to be controlled. We'll see.

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