Friday, 12 June 2009

Hoshuu is...

Here's a photo (not taken by me) from the set of Talk To Hoshuu. Hoshuu (or...Helen) is maintenance. Whenever something pops out of place in the order of the world she (it?) turns up to clean - either by restoring or erasing it. It all sounds vaguely sinister, but the film attempts to approach the subject in a half-cheerful way. It is, after all, complete fantasy. She exists in some closed-off space that lowly humans are not meant to see, maybe already existing inside their heads.

It's the same level as The Secretary from The Front Desk. I imagine there to be a whole cast of workers in this place, all with their own job. Although, seeing as this will probably be my last film on the subject, there might not be anymore. For continuity's sake I should mention that Hoshuu appeared in the The Mildly Interesting Secret of Existence, walking towards an increasingly perplexed Gruff. I hope it looks like I think about these things in advance, because, um, I don't. It's a place of complete fantasy and me making-it-up-as-I-go-along. I don't want the films to be in any way philosophical or dense, just mildly interesting.

And here's a picture of Andrew, a lowly human, looking less statuesque but still important:


  1. The picture of Andrew looks like it was taken by a paparazzi slug photographer who put himself in great danger to get the shot. I am now extremely midly interested in seeing more from you, so I have taken the necessary steps to follow your fine blog. Wishing you an extreme amount of success along with hordes of mildly interesting followers! Love and slime from Mrs. Slug in Oregon

  2. Thanks. My slug photographers are indeed fearless.

    I'm looking forward to seeing more slug-related napkin-adventures.